Monday, 2 September 2013

A delightful afternoon with two very dear friends

My daughter and I spend a delightful afternoon recently with two very dear friends, Suzanne and Michael. Suzanne had cut some lavender stems, from her garden earlier in the morning, so that we could make some darling Lavender Wands, under her kind and careful instruction.

Here our Lavender Wands
simple to make and delightfully scented

We were then treated to a delicious and
 beautifully presented summer's afternoon tea.
Suzanne's special recipe Raspberry Tiramisu,
served with a lovely chilled apple and raspberry
 fruit juice followed by fresh plums from her garden.
I love this little poem she has displayed on her veranda
Translated it means :-
"If you wish you garden to flower - 
first prepare it in your heart "
How beautiful is that?
The amount of  love and care spent tending to their plants is certainly evident here, in these photos of their beautiful garden. 

Sometimes we are lucky enough to share very special times
 with very dear friends  - this was one of those days 
 and one which will stay with me always.

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  1. Hello my friend!!
    Whenever I need to de-stress I come to your blog to look at these photos. The setting is so lovely. I can almost smell the lavender and taste the Raspberry tiramisu! I hope you're having a great day!
    All my love,